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Andrea Michalakopoulou 1B, Nicosia 1075, Cyprus


Your Pet’s best care ever


With professionalism but above all, with love!

At Mamika Dog Grooming, Nicosia, you will find everything you should require for the grooming needs of your pets - a contemporary, cozy and clean environment, with professional equipment and supplies and well expreienced and trained pet groomers.  We work against pre-booked appointments and our grooming sessions could last between 1-2+hours, depending on the size of the pet, the length and condition of their fur, and the degree of their cooperativeness during the grooming session. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Dogs require regular grooming to maintain their fur in good condition, avoid matting and generally speaking, feel refreshed and healthy.

Mamika offers full dog grooming services ranging from scissoring, clipping, hand-stripping, de-shedding, nail & ear care, bathing and drying.


Professional Experience

With many years of experience and countless clients, you can rest assured that your cat will receive the attentiveness they need. This is amongst the services for which our expertise worths a special mention, so make sure to reserve time today!


Responsible & Reliable

Pet Rabbit grooming services include hair comb and bath.


We are delighted to welcome you to our new Pet Grooming Salon in the center of Nicosia. MAMIKA DOG GROOMING has been designed in a way to satisfy the increasing requirements of the consumer today. We have paid particular attention to the design of our premises and we have ensured to equip our facilities with the top of the range specialist equipment for dog grooming. We only use specialized pet products for the care of your fur friends which we also make available for retail sales.

We believe that a single visit to our facilities will be enough to convince you of the extend and quality of our services.

Dog Grooming Tools


Professional Pet Groomers

We love what we do and we wish to share our enthusiasm with you!
We created our salon at a central location in Nicosia for your convenience. 
Our place is best characterized as being modern, friendly, clean and fit-for-purpose (distinct grooming area, seperated from waiting area). 


Please remember that no matter what we offer, daily coat care is truly the responsibility of the pet owner, We will be happy to offer you support and advice in making sure you are managing correctly to keep your pet in best health.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We love getting feedback from our clients. As professional Pet Groomers, we are very proud to have gained the trust of our valued clients. They can be sure to rely on us with taking amazing care of their pets, and showering them with the amount of affection they are used to. Read below to see what’s been said about Mamika Dog Grooming, Nicosia.

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We love getting comments back from our clients.

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